Paramount Aquadaptor II Slip - Gray # 004-252-3020-02

Paramount Aquadaptor II Slip - Gray # 004-252-3020-02

Paramount Aquadaptor II Slip - Gray

Designing a custom pool means creating the magical tranquility of your own backyard oasis...anything from the romance of water sparkling under a full moon, to family fun just outside your backdoor.

Investing in a pool also means improving your home and health, a beautiful way to welcome guests, ease stress and inspire inner peace. A pool makes any home more inviting and provides the security and privacy of your own resort.

The Vanquish System turns your pool into a passive solar-heated pool for extended swimming season enjoyment and energy savings! Strategically placed nozzles circulate pool water evenly throughout your pool, dispersing solar-heated water from the surface at the bottom of the pool

Uncomfortable, chilling "cold spots" found in conventional pools, are virtually eliminated with the Vanquish System creating even temperatures and an extended swimming season. For pools with conventional heaters, Vanquish can save as much as 50% in heating costs!

Conventional pool design uses an old-fashioned method of returning water back to the pool through wall inlets near the surface of the water. This does not put the heated and purified water on the bottom of the pool where it is needed. By returning heat and chemicals near the surface, the wind and sun can quickly steel them from the water. Conventional pools consume up to 50% more chemicals and 30% more heat than pools with In-Floor systems.

The Paramount Aquadaptor II Slip - Gray is a replacement part for your In-Floor Cleaning System.

Part Number: 004-252-3020-02 / 004252302002